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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 20, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation." campaign 2016 rumbles on and front runners pick up delegates can anything or anyone stop them. those who want to stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination are running out of option, down to three-man race but is there realistic chance of winning for either john kasich or ted cruz. >> the establish. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. they don't know how to win. >> dickerson: we'll talk to the only candidate who beat donald trump, john kasich. and talk to brand new ted cruz
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lindsey graham. hillary clinton's campaign back on track. plus, we'll have some insights from florida voters disappointment in the prospect of match up between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> the greatest country on earth right now we're being forced to pick the lesser of two evils. >> dickers captioning sponsored by cbs good morning welcome to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. there was more violence and protests this weekend on the campaign trail. outside phoenix, arizona, protesters blockaded the road several hours. three were arrested. later in tucson, a man who was with woman wearing a kkk hood was punched in the face by a trump supporter. and about a thousand anti-trump protesters in new york city marched from central park to trump tower. all of this activity picked up as donald trump seems headed
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trying to stop that in a more peaceful way is governor john kasich of ohio. we spoke with him earlier. governor, in order for to you get the nomination you'd have to win more than 100% of the remaining delegates so how are you going to do it? >> well, first of all, nobody is going to have the delegates they need going to the convention. everyone will fall short. the convention, by the way, is an extension of the political process. so, what will happen is people will go there with certain number of delegates, we will go in to cleveland with momentum. and then delegates are going to consider two things. number one, who can win in the fall. i'm the only one that can. that's what the polls indicate. number two, john, really crazy consideration. like who could actually be president of the united states? i think when they take a look at my record both in washington and in ohio, with the job growth, the wage growth, reforming the pentagon, then can understand that i have the crossover appeal i think i will be picked.
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there with delegates that they need to win. >> dickerson: why shouldn't the person who goes in to the convention if they don't have majority of delegates if they're well ahead why shouldn't they get the nomination? >> you know what, it's like one of my daughters said. i had an 86 my other friends had less than that so i should get an a. we got rules, you know, sweety, you have to make a 90 to get an a. we have rules as to how many delegates. if you go in way ahead, you're likely to be picked. what's interesting is in the ten contested republican conventions, you know that the leader going in only got picked three times. again, john, i have to tell you that who is going to win in the fall? who is going to beat hillary? these other folks can't win. they can't win ohio. i can tell you that. but in addition look at the resume. look at the record, who actually can fix this country, what can get us moving again both
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that should be a consideration honest with you. but when we get to a convention, i was there when ronald reagan actually challenged gerald ford. how many people were mad at reagan? his message mattered. he came close, ultimately became one of the greatest presidents we've ever had. the convention is a very interesting thing and delegates take things extremely seriously. let me also tell you, john, if somebody can get the numbers they would win. they're not going to get the numbers. everybody chill out. >> dickerson: some people suggested you to drop out to get the numbers because ted cruz is closer to that number than you are. >> he needs 80% of the votes to get it that's not going to happen, john, you know it, i know it. >> dickerson: has anyone -- >> nobody is calling me directly asking me to drop out. by the way why don't they drop out. wait a minute, john, why don't they drop out?
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you know another interesting thing, this party has run around for seven years saying, how is it that we elected a one-term united states senator to be president who has never had the experience. whatever happened to that? remember that? here is what i would say. i can win in the fall, they cannot. >> dickerson: you say you're delivering positive message you've stayed away from some of the back and forth, would you not in the pursuit of your nomination not want the help of the stop trump forces, the organized efforts to stop donald trump? >> you know, john, i'm not -- i am not in there for political science game or some calculation. let me just tell you, the people are nervous about their work, their wages, their kids' future. that's what i focus on, responding to that legitimate concern that they have. and i tell them exactly how in washington we had great success
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i tell them about the 417,000 people who are now working in ohio who didn't have a job when i became governor. i have people that come to my rallies and thank me for the fact that i have focused on the issue of mental illness and drug addition. i don't have time to sit around group or that group. let me just do my job, okay? let me just continue to communicate to the public and we'll see where it all ends up. i think this is a very, very constructive message to the american people because i want you, the american people, you in your living rooms to believe that you can change the world and we need you to do it. because you'll revive the spirit of our country. >> dickerson: governor, people who are trying to stop donald trump believe that many of the things you just described are impaled by his candidacy that gives him exercise. is i'm just wondering whether you think they're wrong, they're crazy, they missed something? >> let them go -- you know what is interesting some of those
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get out of the race they wanted to get behind rubio, what happened? rubio's out, i'm in. if i don't win ohio, guess what, trump is the nominee. i want -- how they want me to get out? listen is, these are the same establishment people that have been nighting me my entire political career. you know what, i'll tell what you is in my mind's eye. the people i grew up with, the people that walk door to door for me. we had people from 22 statesmanning phone banks in ohio. they came from all over the country to help because they're hopeful that together we can raise this country. i don't have time to think about all this political calculation in some back room somewhere, okay, john? i'm in the doing it. you have known me long enough to know what you see with me is what you get. end of story. >> dickerson: you brought on people to help you with the >> sure. dickerson: you are thinking
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minute, first of all, the convention is an extension of this process. of course i want stu spencer and charlie black and v.i.p. webber and i want tom ridge. of course i want the former governor of utah. i want them all to help me. what do we think the convention some sort of subject track final. nothing more than extension of what we're doing now. nobody gets delegates which they won't then we'll have to work at the convention. i will spend my time convincing them about my electability and my record. if they buy it, great. if they don't, i've done my best. john, i'm perfectly comfortable with this. >> dickerson: let me ask you presidential question about merrick garland put forward by president for supreme court. this could be decision you have to handle. what is your feeling about the way that your republican colleagues have responded to that nomination from the president? >> i never thought the president should send it i knew something
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frankly ought to all sit down meet with the guy and my feeling is at the end of the day whoever gets elected president should be in a position to be able to pick who they want and the american people will decide by either voting for republican or democrat the make up of the court is. i just think that is a process that can unite us rather than a process that right now continues to divide us. >> dickerson: somebody talked about unity, would you take a look at mr. garland when -- if you were elected president? >> well, you know, he received overwhelming support, i think even from senator hatch. of course we'd think about it. the way we do it john, we look at person's record, i want to conservative who is not going to make the law but who will interpret the law. somebody of high standing, i don't care about their pick dill lows 30 years ago we have a process, i've appointed over 100 judges in ohio including a woman that fortunately i was able to
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and we've had good success with our selection. >> dickerson: governor john kasich of ohio thank you. >> thank you. dickerson: after we taped that interview yesterday governor kasich said that he would not appoint judge garland to the supreme court that his comments were an effort to be polite. joining us from the campaign trail senator brands is in tucson, arizona. we've looked at the math here for the contesting go forward and it look like you'd have to win almost 60% of the remaining delegates. what is your path to the nomination that's a big number. >> it is. but i think that the states that are coming up on tuesday we have idaho, utah, arizona, heading out west to washington. we got alaska. we have hawaii. we think that the path forward is a pretty good path for us. clearly secretary clinton did very, very well in the deep south. not a strong area for us but i think as we go forward going to
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i think people are also going to appreciate when they look at the polls that bernie sanders does better against donald trump than hillary clinton does. in fact in the last nbc poll we were 18 points ahead of donald trump far more so than secretary clinton that will play a factor in the coming states. >> dickerson: secretary clinton that's not the deep south. >> here is the point as you well know. she did. we -- at the end of the day you look at michigan, illinois, missouri, we come out almost the same in terms of delegates. >> dickerson: hillary clinton got about two million more votes than you have. the theory of our campaign of your presidency has been to create a movement, to create momentum to gather people. but she seems to be able to gather more people mind her message than you. isn't that a threat to the theory of the -- >> no, no, no. not at all.
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she did very well in the deep south. she -- in muss miss and south carolina. i wish i didn't have to say this but everything being equal no democrat right now, i hope that changes, is going to win those elections -- those states in the general election. we have now won nine states. i think in couple of weeks going to see us win more states. i think we head to the west coast which is probably the most proceed depressive part of america -- progressive part of america, the grotesque level of income and wealth and equality, national health care, medicare for all raising the minimum wage, the $15 an hour i think the people in those states really are not going to be voting for establishment economics. they want real change. >> dickerson: you have over the last month or so been drawing greater contrast with hillary clinton, should we continue to
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the convention, every sharp attack or distinction that senator sanders draws has potential unsettling things if hillary clinton becomes the nominee. >> trust me, there is nothing that i am ever going to say about secretary clinton that i've never run a negative ad. you should see some of the negative ads against us from the clinton come pain. nothing that i will say will compare in any way to what the republicans will say. what an election is about, john, is contrast in ideas. it is differences of opinion. and, yes, hillary clinton has moved offer the last ten months much closer to the positions that i've been advocating for 20 or 30 years. but the differences remain, our history in politics is very different. and i think the people of this councilmember tree deserve to know that.
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if you are secretary clinton and you are taking many millions of dollars through your super pac from wall street, from the drug companies, from the fossil fuel industry, are you really going to be the agent of change in taking on the billionaire class. taking on wall street. taking on the big money interests which we need in my view right now. and that is an issue that the voters will have to decide. >> dickerson: one last tactical question, senator, there's been a report that you might go to the convention and if you're behind in delegates try to flip those superdelegates to win through using the superdelegates is that a strategy you are looking at? >> the whole concept is superdelegates is problematic. but i would say that in states where we have won by 20, 5 points, i think might be good idea for superdelegates to listen to the people in their home state. i just talked to a person the
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what, i am going to listen to my state, if my state votes for you, bernie, you're going to have my vote. i think that i would hope that lot of the superdelegates take that factor into consideration. >> dickerson: that is a strategy you're pursuing? >> well, to say to superdelegate banders won your state by 20 or 30 points you might want to listen to your state. i think that is common sense i think superdelegates should do that. >> dickerson: if they didn't come from state that you won they shouldn't feel compelled to go for you. >> well, they have their own decision. they have right to make that decision. i would argue that many of the superdelegates what is most important as it is for me and secretary clinton, by the way, making sure that no republican occupies the white house. and if people conclude by the end of this campaign if we have the energy, and it's an if, if we win number of states, that's
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if that is the factor, appears that i am the stronger candidate against trump i see superdelegates saying, i like hillary clinton but i want to win this thing, bernie is our guy. >> dickerson: all right. senator sanders thanks for being with us. >> thank you, john. dickerson: we'll be back in a moment. ring is caring because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. day to feel alive" " day to feel alive" "
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does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. >> dickerson: we're back with former republican presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham who is now supporting senator cruz. >> no delegates, by the way. dickerson: we didn't want to rub that in. you once said that choosing between trump and cruz is like difference between being shot or poisoned. how is your health? >> well, you can maybe find antidote. the bottom line is that i believe donald trump is utter disaster for the republican party, destroy conservatism as we know it. we'd get wiped out in
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candidacy. ronald reagan had the three-legged school. fiscal, social, strong national security. donald trump has four, got to bigger. economic population, race baiting, religious bigotry is the skill that he has formed that is his campaign, that is not conservatism. ted cruz in my view is a real republican who i often disagree with. i'm supporting ted because i think he's the best alternative to donald trump. john kasich is the most electable republican i don't know he has chance to win at the convention because outsider year, and john kasich is an insider and most delegates are looking for outsider. i love john kasich if he stays in this race they don't coordinate the efforts between cruz and kasich, we're going to wind up giving the nomination to trump. >> dickerson: you say outsider year, your description of trumps campaign, people are turning up, he's getting the votes.
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he's going to be. lot of people believe that illegal immigration is a real problem he's playing on the feeds. most rapist and drug dealers that's correct not. here is why we're losing hispanic vote. nobody is going to listen to you about your economic plan or your ability to -- if you're going to deport your grandmother, i'm in the party of family sam use. i like that. there are 11 million illegal immigrants, 60% have been here a decade. many have children citizen children and grandchildren. what do you think is going to happen to my republican friends if our position is that we're going to take the grandmother of american citizen, member of the military who is illegal. how do we get that person to vote for us if we're going to deport their grandmother when all she's done violate immigration laws. this is why we're getting killed. mr. trump taken every problem
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>> dickerson: what is the gap between republicans who share your view would like to stop donald trump? what is the gap between what they say privately and what they're willing to do publicly. >> we're a divided party. we have a lot of angry people who have been told things by senator cruz and others that we could more than we actually could do. country is in a mess. i can understand being frustrated with illegal immigration. you're not going to fix it by having a position like mr. trump that has no chance of getting >> dickerson: what i'm asking, how many people do you have behind you to stop donald trump because right now he's going past all these efforts. >> 55% of the republican party would like to vote for somebody other than donald trump. we're about to nominate the one person that not only would lose in 2016 but would detroy the party for decades to come. i would rather lose without trump than try to win with him. if he wants to lead the party, lead. >> dickerson: you won't go for
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>> ask me later. i'm making it clear i think mr. trump detrois the party that i love as much as i disagree with ted cruz i think he's real republican, nominate conservative judges, will not lois decreal out. mr. trump is an interloper and what demagogue. >> dickerson: you've signed a pledge you'd be willing to break that pledge? >> i'm out of the race now. we can lose an election but i don't want us to lose our heart and soul f. we nominate donald trump, given who he is and what he said about immigrants, about muslims, and young women, we will not just lose an election, we've lost the heart and soul of the conservative movement. that's what is at stake. i hope john kasich is listeningf i thought you could win, you are the most electable candidate. ted to deny trump 1237 or 1239
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you're hurting the cause by kasich going to utah making it harder for ted to get 50%. >> dickerson: the future of the middle east, which is more complicated or the republican party? >> there's a pathway in the mid east i don't see one right new for the republican party in all seriousness. there are lot of issues the country will be dealing with in the future. how you bring the broken and divided country together. if mr. trump the answer to the problems in the mid east this his foreign policy is jibberish. the mid east is a mess. the republican party is at tipping point here. roads. the trump road which is destruction of conservatism. going to re-evaluate go down a road a little more optimistic, i think ted cruz and john kasich represent that path. mid east politics to me sends to be less of mess than republican party. that is saying hell of a lot. >> dickerson: very quickly, the
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for blocking the president's nominee on the supreme court? >> need to ask president obama that because that's what he did. >> dickerson: all right. i'll have to end it there we're running out of time. figure out that question later, thanks for being here. sen we'll be right back. we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next.
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you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. credits to help you switch to at&t. before either hillary clinton or donald trump officially clinches their party's nomination. but voters across america are already thinking about the prospect of contest between the two of them in the fall. last week cbs news contributor and republican strategist frank lund talked to group of florida voters who were more likely to support none of the above than either clinton for trump. >> let's set the tone for everybody at home. how many of you have a positive impression of donald trump raise your hand. none of you. how many of positive impression of hillary clinton? raise your hand.
10:56 am
you must not be happy about this election so far. what is going on? explain it? >> think we're losing sight or candidates are losing sight about what is really important to the american people. thinking more about each other instead of us. >> i think we all -- they're losing track of what they're trying to achieve. >> most troubled by the fact that so many people support hillary and trump. it's shocking to me. none of people i know. they don't like him. they don't like hillary. they are so emotionally driven they act like kids. >> i think that donald trump is treating this like reality show like mid life crisis. he's already got the car, already got the plane. now he wants to buy the presidency, buy the country. hillary clinton, that's all she's got is government service life and she's been banking on it making money off of it this entire time. >> dickerson: more from these florida voters and frank in our next half hour. price, we can help guide
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